Staff Projects: Scrapbooking Reboot

Jun 15th

Welcome back, friends!

I’ve been working on a big “reboot” of my scrapbooking lately. Like many of you, I scrapbooked a LOT back in the day but life got in the way and I fell behind.

WAY behind. It was discouraging. I didn’t know how or if I could ever “catch up”.

Does any of that sound familiar? Let’s talk! 🙂

Side note: First of all, falling behind in your scrapbooking is not a failure! It happens to all of us…even those of us who work at Memory Bound! The good news is that there are many great products available now that will help you get back in the game and finish those albums so you and your family can enjoy them! I AM LIVING PROOF! Read on…

Warning: Long post! Grab a beverage of your choice!

ANYWAY… last year, I decided I had done enough thinking about how far “behind” I was and decided to take action. I had several 12×12 post-bound albums that I had started but not finished which were weighing heavily on my mind. Although it was an investment, I decided to convert all of them to 3-ring binders. Binders are much easier to work with as you can move and add pages by simply opening the rings. I sold my post-bound, like-new albums at our store’s garage sale and used my garage sale proceeds to buy new binders. I have never looked back! It was the best decision ever! With the binders, I’ve been able to make visible progress on my backlog!

I moved all of my finished pages into my new binders. From there, I could easily see which events needed to be added. I honestly felt like a weight had been lifted! Instead of having to unscrew the posts in my post-bound albums to move or add pages, I could just open the rings of my new binders. HOORAY!

Next I made a decision that I would try to use pocket pages as much as possible to finish up leftover scrapbooking from those years.

Pocket pages allow you to just slip pictures in without actually scrapbooking them, in the traditional sense — no adhesive needed! They come in different shapes and sizes so you can choose which ones fit the pictures you’re working with. You can mat your pictures on paper first or just slip them in the pockets.

I stocked up on pocket pages in various configurations, storing them in an extra binder which will eventually be full of completed pages.

Next I focused on my memorabilia. Like many of you, I had a ton of school-related memorabilia (programs, certificates, etc.) which I hoped to add in to my albums, but the post-bound format made it cumbersome to do. So all of this memorabilia had been piling up with no place to go. Now with the binders, I can slip those pieces into page sleeves and insert them into the scrapbook.

For many years now, I’ve stored my memorabilia in hanging files, which I would highly recommend. I have one file for each quarter in a year (January-March, April-June) — 4 files per year. When I set up this system, I just sorted through my piles of papers and dropped them into the appropriate file by date.

From this:

To this:

It seriously works like a charm and now that I’m in “catch-up” mode, I’ve been able to clear out tons of hanging file folders by adding those pieces to my albums. When I’m working on a particular year, I just pull out those files and match up the memorabilia to the photos. I’m getting ready to work on my daughter’s 2005 — yep, you read that right!! — school trip to Washington, D.C. so I just grabbed the file and found everything I need. I may not end up using all of it in the album, but at least I have it all together when I need it!

Right now, I’m working on several scrapbooking projects simultaneously, and I’m feeling GREAT about my progress! I’ve set up a 12×12 Iris box with paper and memorabilia for each project (shown here are my boxes for my heritage albums and a Disney trip that I can’t wait to work on).


Here are some examples of how my albums look now that I’m finishing them up. I find that with the mix of pages (traditional 12×12 pages, pocket pages, smaller sleeves), they’re fun to make and enjoyable to look through. As you can see, they are nothing fancy but the pages are DONE and the memories and stories are preserved. That’s what matters the most!


The most important message I want to share with you is this: It IS possible to catch up on your scrapbooking. Yes, it takes some time but when you start seeing RESULTS, you’ll feel so good about what you’re accomplishing!

In addition, it’s great fun to relive memories you may have forgotten. It’s interesting how, with the passage of time, you might look at events and situations differently than you did at the time you were living them! 🙂

Now that I’ve rebooted my scrapbooking, I’m so thankful that I began this wonderful hobby some 17+ years ago and I’m more energized than ever to keep going!

Let us know how we can help you with your own REBOOT! Stop in and share your challenges with us so we can help you figure out what might work best for you!

Another good place to start would be our Beginners’ Scrapbooking class, offered monthly. Register for our next class by clicking HERE or calling us at (515) 965-1102. We’ll show you the products that will help you get back in the game. I’d love to have you join me!

Happy scrapbooking!


Edited to add: Since I started this REBOOT a little over a year ago, I have finished my incomplete albums for 2001-2005 plus two incomplete vacation albums. Many years still need to be finished, but I’m motivated by seeing those completed albums! 🙂