Staff Favorite: Wink of Stella & Spectrum Noir Brushes

Apr 3rd

Welcome back, crafty friends!

Today we’d like to share two products our staff LOVES! For adding a pretty sparkle to project, you just can’t beat the Wink of Stella and Spectrum Noir brushes. We’ve carried the Wink of Stella brushes for a long time and they’ve become a customer favorite, too, and we’ve more recently brought in the beautiful Spectrum Noir brushes.

They are very similar brushes but are packaged differently: The Wink of Stella brushes are sold individually ($7.29) and the Spectrum Noir brushes come in 3-brush sets ($16.99).

I often use these brushes in my classes, and I can say without exception that everyone who has tried them absolutely loves the sparkle! If you’re a card maker, you’ll want to have these brushes on hand. If you’re not familiar with either of these wonderful products, read on!

Wink of Stella Glitter Brush ($7.29/single)

The Wink of Stella Glitter Brush acts just like a fine paint brush, with a nylon brush tip that can produce thick or thin lines of glitter, allowing artistic freedom. They are perfect for writing, adding controlled glitter, and stamped projects. Create handcrafted personal cards, accent pictures in a scrapbook, trace lettering or add your own, and add sparkle to any project.

I love the fact that the Wink of Stella brush dries almost immediately, so you can add sparkle to your project and not worry about smearing it. It adds just the right amount of sparkle without being overpowering!

This product comes in a huge range of colors! Although I have several colors in my stash, I often reach for the CLEAR brush because you can add it to a project (such a flower center) and still see the original color. The other brush colors will ADD color to your project, which is sometimes just what you need. The black brush is great for coloring snowman buttons and jack-o-lantern eyes!

Here I used the clear brush to color words die cut from cream cardstock.

Truly, this product is one of my all-time favorites and I can’t recommend it enough!


How to prime your Wink of Stella brush

–from the Wink of Stella manufacturer–

Have a piece of scrap paper on hand when priming your pen for the first time!

1) Remove the cap and unscrew the top brush portion of the pen from the bottom ink cartridge.

2) Remove the black ring and discard it. (This ring is what prevented the ink cartridge from being pierced.)

3) Replace the top portion of the pen back onto the ink cartridge; doing so will pierce it so that the ink can flow.

4) Replace the cap and shake the pen until you hear a clicking sound. This indicates that the ink is mixed thoroughly.

5) Gently squeeze the side of the pen where is says “push” to start the ink flowing. Test on scrap paper.

TIPS: Be careful not to press too hard and over fill the ink, as it will cause the pen to leak. When you are finished using your pen, always replace the cap firmly and store the pen standing up with the cap facing upwards to ensure it lasts as long as possible.

NOTE: You’ll prime the Spectrum Noir brush in the same manner.


Spectrum Noir Sparkle Pen ($16.99/3-brush set)

Add a touch of creative Sparkle with these glitter pens! They come in a range of on-trend, seasonal colors containing fine glitter micro-pigment. They can be used for coloring, writing, embellishing, accenting and more! There are 18 shimmering colors to choose from plus a ‘Crystal Clear’ glitter topcoat for applying over existing color. They feature a flexible nylon brush for accurate, mess-free application.

If you’ve tried the Wink of Stella brush, you’ll find that the Spectrum Noir Sparkle Pens are very similar. The brush is a little bit longer and (I think) more flexible. I’ve also noticed that the clear color (called CLEAR OVERLAY) is truly clear, whereas the Wink of Stella CLEAR color tends to have a slightly gold cast.

The Spectrum Noir brushes come in 3-packs with coordinating colors. You can blend the colors easily one to another, so it’s great to have color sets that are designed to work together! And for those who prefer clear, those markers come 3 to a pack which is super-handy! Keep one on your work table and one in your class bag!

You can also do water coloring with the Spectrum Noir brushes because they are designed to be reactive with water! By contrast, the Wink of Stella brush uses a permanent ink which does not blend well with water, so you won’t achieve the same type of effect. For a tutorial on this fun technique, click HERE!

I have also used the clear Spectrum Noir brush with Distress Ink with great results. After you’re done, just wipe the brush tip clean with a paper towel.


Stop in and let us show you the sparkle in person! Once you try them, we know that the Wink of Stella and Spectrum Noir products will become your favorites, too!