Seasonal Magnetic Boards

Sep 29th

Hello, Memory Bound Friends!

Many people have stopped in the store to check out and purchase our Seasonal Magnetic Boards. Here’s a quick answer to some of the more frequently asked questions!

You only need to by one magnetic shadow box! That is why this project is so dreamy! Once you are done with one holiday, you just switch out the individual boards to the next holiday! So the boards are all interchangeable!

Magnets are included with the individual kits.

You can paint them, ink them, adhere paper on them or use all three mediums! Whatever your preference.

We like to sand the edges of the shapes once they are covered with a medium, but this is optional.

You do not need to seal the project when finished.

The wood pieces do come with foam dots adhered to them. We pull them off and toss. If we need foam dots, we just cut new ones.

Check out this video about the Magnetic Shadow Boxes!

Here are the Shadow Boxes that our staff had created!

See something you like? Give us a call at 515-965-1102 or email us at and we would love to help you out. We are willing to put something on reserve for you if needed and for a small fee, we can ship our order to you!

What will you create today?