Quick Tip: Treat Bags & Tubes for Kitties!

Apr 5th

Hello, crafty friends and cat people!

My daughter lives out of state so I often send her care packages — especially for holidays. And since she has an adorable kitty, I always make sure to include a little something for Rory!

I mean, seriously, how could I NOT send ALL THE TREATS to this sweet girl???

This is the box I sent my daughter for Valentine’s Day. I made a small notecard (instructions for notecards HERE!) then used the coordinating paper to line the box lid. The box contained all the important stuff (like candy!) and a bottle of yoga mat spray…and also a tiny bag of treats for Rory!

I’m headed off this week to visit my daughter in person, and this time I’ll be taking an Easter goody box with me. Of course, there will be a little something in the box for Rory! These small bags are sized for a gift card but are also just right for a generous portion of kitty treats! I added a punched heart, sticker letter, and a bit of ribbon to personalize it. I used a Tiny Attacher (small stapler) to staple the treat bag shut. NOTE: Since cat treats have oil in them, be sure to wrap the treats in a bit of Saran wrap or foil to keep the oil from soaking into the bag.

We also carry a new Gift Card Bag die/alpha set ($14.99) which will cut a small gift bag…how fun would that be?

In addition, we have clear tubes which are great for M&M’s…and also cat treats! WHO KNEW??? (Answer: A cat lady would know! haha)

A 1-inch circle punch covers the lid, and I added a sticker letter to personalize it. This treat tube is for my daughter’s co-worker’s new kitty named Nora.

So if you’ve got kids in college or out of state and send care packages, don’t forget the kitty! It’s fun and easy to tuck in a little something for those 4-legged friends who bring so much joy to our lives!

Stop in and we’ll get you set up with bags and tubes! We’re not carrying cat treats at this time!!! 🙂