Quick Christmas Tree Tip!

Dec 14th

Welcome back, friends!

I like to put up a few Christmas trees, including a couple of smaller “pencil” trees. This year, I decided to put a small tree in the kitchen and use some old pink Shiny Brite ornaments on it. As it turned out, Spouse used the lights I would have put on this tree when he was decorating another one, and I (being in my GIT R DONE mode!) didn’t feel like running out to buy more, so I just loaded it up with ornaments and called it good. It’s a “daytime only” tree now. LOL

ANYWAY…when I finished adding all of my pink ornaments, I decided that the tree needed a touch of brightness (probably because it has no lights…ha!!). We have white crocheted snowflakes on our large tree, but I didn’t have enough extra to use on this tree. What to do…what to do??

Then I remembered my snowflake dies! I scurried to my Big Shot machine, quickly cut several snowflakes from white cardstock, and popped them onto the tree. No ornament hook or string was needed; the branches held them in place. SCORE!

It was an easy solution and added just the right amount of brightness to my pink-themed “daytime” tree! 🙂

If you don’t have your own die cutting machine and want to add snowflakes to your tree, stop by Memory Bound and cut your own snowflakes with our Accu Cut machine! Buy your cardstock at Memory Bound and the die cutting center is free to use.

Happy holiday decorating, everyone!