Quick Christmas Tree Hack

Dec 5th

Welcome back, friends!

Like many of you, I’ve been busy decorating our house for Christmas. In addition to our big tree, I have a couple of “pencil” trees that I tuck in smaller spaces. Over the years, I’ve accumulated a lot of Christmas ornaments so I like to use them on the small trees.

When decorating one of those trees this year, I remembered a “hack” I used last year: I added die cut snowflakes to fill in the gaps around the ornaments. It worked great and couldn’t have been easier!

This year, I used a snowflake punch which made it even faster! I punched several snowflakes out of cream cardstock and tucked them in the gaps. The branches hold them in place.








So if you have a tree that needs a little something “extra”, stop by Memory Bound, purchase your cardstock, and give it a try! If you need bigger snowflakes, our Accu Cut machine has a few larger options so you can cut as many as you need!

Happy decorating!