Joanne Sharpe’s Whimsical Art & Lettering Retreat in June

Apr 17th

We are excited to introduce JOANNE SHARPE to Memory Bound customers! She is teaching 4 colorful classes June 23-24!

“Whimsical art maker” Joanne Sharpe is a colorful mixed media artist and enthusiastic teacher with a passion for art journaling, lettering, doodling and illustration. Joanne’s playful art has been featured in the popular publications Cloth Paper Scissors, Studios, Somerset Studio, Somerset Art Journaling and Somerset Apprentice magazines. In addition to teaching nationwide, she has been licensing artwork to the craft, fabric and giftware markets for two decades. Joanne resides in Rochester, New York.

Here are her classes:

Friday, June 23, 9am – 3pm

Create a painted and sculpted, shaped and hand lettered whimsical journal.  Embrace your carefree, adventurous inner art girl to create perfectly imperfect mixed media art. Loosen up and let your creativity roar on paper, to construct a luscious, 16 page art journal, exploring assorted paints, brushwork, collage, drawing textures and lettering. This invigorating artful play class will have you making art and releasing all your grownup art-making fears and inhibitions. CLICK to REGISTER    SUPPLY LIST: gel medium matte, white gesso, 4-5 acrylic paints in your favorite colors (Dyan Reaveley paints recommended),  paintbrushes for acrylic paint (1″ flat, #6 and #10 rounds), fine and/or medium point white acrylic paint pen (Sharpie Poster Paint water based), Uniball white gel pen, glue stick, apron, baby wipes, scissors, craft mat, and heat tool.  $73

Friday, June 23, 4:30–9:30pm


Joanne shows us fun, colorful, simple watercolor and lettering techniques to create colorful imagery for daily art journaling and card making.  Practice ideas and techniques in a watercolor sketchbook, and go home with an illustrated inspirational accordion book. Apply the ideas in this workshop to document your everyday life as well as making art to share with others in your cardmaking and scrapbooking.  Learn 10 painted layouts, lettering and design concepts using watercolor and line work with simple imagery.   CLICK to REGISTER    SUPPLY LIST: a small watercolor sketchbook (approx.. 5” x 8”), your favorite watercolor paints (such as Prima pan set or Pelikan Paints), water brush, fine tip black waterproof pens (like Micron or Zig), Uniball white gel pen,  2-3 rolls of washi tape, small water spray mister, pencil and eraser, and small paint rag.  $62

Saturday, June 24, 9am–1pm

Joanne’s famous lettering mantra is “use your own handwriting” to make stylized lettering.  In this supercharged class, learn FIVE new design and drawing techniques to easily transform your own cursive and printing into a signature font that is unique to you.  Use lettering grids, pens and watercolors to try your hand at new looks. Letter your favorite words, sayings or scripture verse on 8 small watercolor cards that are ready to display.  CLICK TO REGISTER SUPPLY LIST:  graph paper (in a pad or composition book) pencil, eraser, black waterproof fine line pens (such as Microns or Uniball), your favorite colorful markers (such as Tombow and Copic), small watercolor pan set (like Prima or Pelikan Paints), and  waterbrush.  $60

Saturday, June 24, 2 – 6pm


Explore organic, loose, free form meditative doodling, inspirational lettering and whimsical drawings.  If you think you “can’t draw” this is the class where you will soar! We’ll make an elaborate 3” x 6” 15-page, embellished handmade journal book stuffed with colorful art and lettering treasures.  You’ll learn some of Joanne’s creative secrets and go home with a brand new super-charged artful attitude!  CLICK TO REGISTER  SUPPLY LIST: pencil, eraser, black waterproof fine tip pens (such as Microns or Uniball), Tombow dual tip markers, colored pencils, small watercolor pan set (like Prima or Pelikan Paints), and waterbrush.  $60

We are happy that we are able to bring in industry instructors for our customers and hope that you can join us to learn fun new techniques with Joanne Sharpe!