For Sticky Situations: UN-DU

Feb 28th

I wanted to tell you about a basic product I love for those sticky situations both in and out of the craft room – UN-DU.

Un-Du is an acid-free, photo-safe and archival adhesive remover.¬† The solution temporarily neutralizes the adhesive and then it quickly evaporates allowing you to re-use the sticker. It has won several awards. It’s a staple for crafters, but also very handy for other household uses.




  • Safely removes photos from magnetic albums – photos remain unharmed
  • Removes all types of stickers from layouts, projects, etc. and after drying, the stickers maintain their “stickyness”
  • Cleans adhesive residue from scissors and other tools
  • Remove photos, stickers, etc. from projects

CLICK for a video with Tiffany Spaulding on how to use Un-Du in crafting.


  • Remove price stickers¬† — even those stubborn ones (this is what I use it for the most)
  • Remove decals from windows
  • Cleans crayon from walls
  • Takes out gum, grease, tar and even candle wax
  • Stamp collectors can safely remove stamps from envelopes
  • Cleans off tar from cards

CLICK for a video on how to remove price stickers.

I have compared Un-Du with similar products like Goo Gone, but I prefer Un-Du because:

  1. It isn’t greasy and doesn’t leave any residue after evaporating.
  2. It doesn’t have much odor and evaporates quickly.
  3. It is archival so it never harms my valuable photos.
  4. There is a built-in scraper tool that makes is easy to remove stickers.
  5. It is only $8.99 for a 4oz bottle that lasts a long time.

For your sticky situations, pick up a bottle next time you’re at Memory Bound!