Staff Project: Disney Album: Start to Finish (Part 4) – Finished!

Jul 31st

Welcome back, friends!

I’m a little delayed in sharing this post, but I am happy to report that my 2004 Disney Album is done! Who can relate to doing a 2004 scrapbook in the year 2018?! Yep, it is entirely possible to reach back in time and finish those scrapbooks. I am living proof of it!

And you know what? IT WAS REALLY FUN TO MAKE THIS SCRAPBOOK! This project was a great reminder of how much I love scrapbooking…and how wonderful it is to finish an album so it’s ready to enjoy.

From this:

To this — such a great feeling!

This is the final post in my little series about this album, which is part of my efforts to finish up years and years of scrapbooking. In this post, I’ll share a few photos of pages from the album — all very simple and many of which use my favorite “fast scrapbooking” product: pocket pages! (If you missed the first 3 posts, just scroll back through June and July posts to see them.)

I organized the photos from this trip by park: Epcot, Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom, etc. For each of those sections, I made a few “traditional” 12×12 pages and added the rest of the pictures  using pocket pages.

Traditional page at the left, pocket page at the right:

Here are more examples of pocket pages from the album. An important note: These photos were printed back in the olden days and are 3.5×5. Since the pockets are typically 4×6, the photos all need to be matted before slipping into the pockets. That’s not a big deal, but it’s an extra step that you would not need to do if you were working with 4×6 photos!


In addition to pocket pages, I also used a variety of smaller sleeves to accommodate brochures, maps, and other memorabilia. I was determined to fit everything into a single album! 🙂

I used a themed Disney paper line from Memory Bound for the album, supplemented with solid-color cardstock and a few other sheets of matching patterned paper.

In addition to the packaged Disney-themed ephemera and cut-apart sheets, I also used punched circles and die cut stars on my pages just to fill in spaces here and there.


I did all of the journaling in Microsoft Word using text boxes. There’s not a ton of journaling because I CANNOT REMEMBER MUCH FROM 2004! Heck, I can’t remember much from last month! haha

Speaking of journaling…While working on this album, I found myself writing about how emotional I get at Disney parades. I ALWAYS cry at Disney parades, and it seems like I’m pretty much the only one crying other than frustrated toddlers. Is anyone else a blubbering mess like me at Disney parades?

Oh, I also cry at the Lion King show… 🙂

Back to the subject at hand! The 12×12 Disney cut-apart sheets are awesome for filling in any blank pockets on your pocket pages. I made ample use of those pieces and I have lots left for the next Disney album I need to make. (Oh, yeah…midway through this project I realized that I still have another another Disney trip to scrapbook — my daughter’s high school band trip to WDW. This will be an interesting — and fast! — project since I wasn’t on the trip and she took the photos.  I’m not even bothering to put away my Disney papers!)

Although it has taken me a very long time to put up this post, the album itself was very fast to complete. Pocket pages and a themed paper collection make all the difference.

In addition to using the themed cut-aparts in pockets, they also make handy embellishments on pages (the castle on the right-hand page below).

Here I used a cut-apart for a title (“Autographs”). Cut-aparts are seriously GREAT for scrapbooking, and they also can also work for card fronts! (In fact, I’m teaching a Disney-themed card class in September using Disney papers and cut-aparts. Click HERE for details.)

I also purchased the layered die cut titles for each section at Memory Bound (EPCOT, shown below). These die cut titles are a great way to add style and color to your pages. We have them in TONS of themes — not just Disney. 

These pictures of Minnie’s house and Mickey’s house are special to me because both sweet mouse-houses have now been removed from the park (I CANNOT BRING MYSELF TO TYPE “TORN DOWN”…) to make room for other attractions in the new Toy Story Land. This makes me so sad. I loved those houses!

Here’s a simple ending page with some cardboard mouse ears I picked up at the park in 2004 and have been hanging onto ever since. Feels good to put all of this stuff in the album!

As I was working on this album, I remembered why some of the character photos looked familiar: I made a 6×6 autograph album right after we returned from this trip in 2004. I only put a few duplicates into the 12×12 album, since they were already in this smaller book.

My daughter and I spent a good deal of this trip chasing characters to get autographs for this autograph book. And of course, we had to make sure they all signed on the proper color of cardstock!  (As usual, I made that a whole lot more complicated than it needed to be!!) It’s fun to look through this autograph book as a supplement to the 12×12 album I just finished.


So in summary, scrapbooking friends, I hope you will take this post as ENCOURAGEMENT from me that you really CAN scrapbook those old photos and get them into an album to enjoy! By making use of today’s best products, such as 3-ring binders, themed papers with cut-apart sheets, and pocket pages, it’s much easier than you might think to finish up those scrapbooking projects you’ve had on your list FOREVER. At this moment, I have several other albums in process using these same “catch up” ideas.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and would like more ideas and encouragement, check out our Scrapbooking REBOOT! Group on September 30. This will be a fun opportunity to connect with other scrapbookers and share ideas about catching up on your albums! I hope you’ll join us and see where it leads you!

Meanwhile, how can we help YOU make progress on your scrapbooks?  All of us at Memory Bound are scrapbookers and would love to help you be successful. Stop in and let us help you get started!

Thanks for stopping by! Happy scrapbooking!