Catching Up on Scrapbooking with Binders and Pocket Pages

May 1st

Hello, friends!

Since it’s National Scrapbook Week, it’s the perfect time to talk about scrapbooking! I made a personal goal this year to tackle my serious backlog of scrapbooking and make progress on projects that are important to me. No more talking (or whining!) about it: Just hop to it! So I recently dove into this big project and discovered that it isn’t as daunting as it seemed!


My situation was this (and I’m betting that some of you can relate!): I had several years of unfinished post-bound scrapbooks tucked away in a closet. The photos that had yet to be scrapbooked were printed and stored in boxes — taking up ALL KINDS OF SPACE. The first thing that I did was move all of the pages in those unfinished post-bound albums to We R Memory Keepers 3-ring binders. I’ve been using the binders for years now and absolutely love them. Binders make it SO MUCH EASIER to add pages and memorabilia, and move pages from album to album if need be.


So once my existing older pages were moved into new 3-ring binders, I decided that POCKET PAGES would be the easiest way to “catch up” on the events I hadn’t scrapbooked way back then. Pocket pages are divided page protectors with pockets. They come in all sorts of configurations. You choose a configuration to best fit the photos you have, slip the pictures in the pockets, then add journaling or embellishments to any extra pockets.

I store my pocket pages in an empty binder so they’re all together and easily accessible when I’m scrapbooking.

Pocket pages can be just as detailed as a traditional scrapbook page, but I decided to keep my pocket pages very, very simple. After all, I’m in serious catch-up mode!

I also recognized that occasionally I would need to make a traditional scrapbook page or two to add into my “new/old” albums, but I made a decision to limit those pages to the most significant events or very special photos. So the plan is that my completed albums will have a mixture of old pages and a few new pages with lots of pocket pages mixed in.

I also planned to add the memorabilia I’ve been saving for ALL THESE YEARS, as the binders make it so much easier to do that!  I store my memorabilia (concert programs, certificates, post-cards, etc.) in hanging files. A few years back I set up a system with 4 files per year (1 per quarter). This system works well for me, because when it’s time to scrapbook, I just pull out the files for that time period and see if I have any memorabilia to use with my photos. Now I’m FINALLY emptying this box out! It’s a great feeling!


So far, I have finished sorting through several years of photos (why, oh why, did I always print duplicates???) AND finished three scrapbooks for 2001!

I’m now working on the second of two scrapbooks for 2002, and the process is going very well! Pocket pages have saved the day for me!

Here are some examples of REALLY simple pocket pages. This one just has journaling. Since the pictures are so colorful, I didn’t add any embellishments. All of Tulip Time fit on just one page. YAY!

For the end of the school year, I made one traditional page and slipped the remainder of the photos into pocket pages of various sizes.

Here’s another super-simple pocket page with just a few embellishments. As a side note, many of these older photos were printed in a smaller size and don’t fill a 4×6 pocket, so they just need to be matted on a 4×6 piece of cardstock before slipping into the pockets.
Smaller page protectors are great for memorabilia. This newspaper article fit nicely in an 8.5×11 page protector.
Here you can see three sizes of page protectors: 6×12 with 3 photos, 8.5×11 with memorabilia, and a 4×6 pocket page filled with Iowa State Fair programs and such. The binders make this kind of scrapbooking so easy!
I also love the 6×12 page protectors. This  one was just the right size for a small certificate and a bit of journaling.
I’ve also used a lot of the 6×12 pocket pages for photos. I added captions and just a few embellishments which I store in my grandma’s old muffin tin. I finished all of these pages and more while watching a movie one evening. Super simple!
The 5.5×8.5 page protectors are a great size for many concert programs or one or two small photos. To make them fit into a 12×12 WRMK binder, you just have to punch an extra hole with your Crop-A-Dile. In this case, I found a couple of extra photos I wanted to add, so I just put them in a 5.5×8.5 pocket using the same colors as the original page. Super easy!


Here’s an interesting discovery about photo selection. As I was sorting through boxes of old photos, I found a few that I had skipped over 15 years ago, choosing not to scrapbook them. I guess back then I was very focused on “event” or “milestone” type photos, and I overlooked some of the more everyday photos. Now that all this time has passed, I found myself looking at those photos very differently. So I made a few pages with some of the special “once overlooked” photos. 🙂

 Here’s another photo I left in the box back then. Our daughter playing the piano in her jammies was just such a common sight that I guess it didn’t seem “scrapbook worthy” to me at that time. Now that she’s a band director, I look at this photo very differently so I made a page with my perspective looking back on those days.
Here’s another very simple everyday photo which didn’t make the cut back then but I love today. It’s interesting how the passage of time changes your perspective on things…even photos!
In addition to these “overlooked” photos, I also added photos of myself to the album. Back then, if I was having a bad hair day, the photo didn’t make the cut! Now I recognize that it’s important for all of us (including me) to be part of the scrapbooks, because we’re each a part of our family’s story — bad hair days and all! 🙂
So my big “catch up” project is going very well, thanks to 3-ring binders and pocket pages! I’ve got momentum now so I’m going to keep at it, and with luck I’ll be in 2003 before you know it!
How about you? Do you have some albums that need to be finished? There’s no time better than NOW to make it happen! Stop in and we’d love to help you find what you need to finish those precious scrapbooks!